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What is a Peshtemal

A peshtemal, the Turkish spelling is peştemal, is a thinly woven traditional towel that dates back to the ottoman, hamam culture. They were originally used in Turkish baths to allow for some privacy. Turkish cotton is known around the world to be extremely high quality and is the perfect material for these because of the long fibers that open up with use. This allows the towels to not only soften over time but to also become more absorbent. 

In the 14th century, during the ottoman empire, Buldan, a small village in Denizli, Turkey, become known as the home to the tradition of hand-woven Turkish towels. Looms lined the small concrete homes that wind up the hillside looking out over cotton farms.

Over time different patterns, thicknesses, and colors have been used. The versatility of this beautiful cotton weave is the reason I feel in love with them. They aren't simply towels, but can be used as small throws, shawls, scarves, table clothes, all with the absorbency and ease the Turkish cotton is so well known for.